I love when a month starts on a Sunday. It’s like the universe saying “this is your chance to get your shit together!!” I can only guess that if an entire year starts on a Sunday, it’s the same message.. but LOUDER. So universe I hear you, loud and clear. I’ll do my best. Since I am just as much of a human and the wonderful humans I coach, the first step to getting your shit together is setting goals. There’s plenty of ways to do this, and maybe we’ll get into all that in another post on another day, but for today let’s just talk about the ways I plan to get my shit together in 2023.

Buy a Home

I’d say surprise!! but if you read my post on the 30th, I can’t imagine you’re even a little shocked. I am not 100% sure what exactly I’m looking for but definitely somewhere cozy for me and the kitty kids. I am leaning more toward a condo or townhome because I don’t want to worry about yard maintenance a lot. But honestly I will be doing this mostly on vibes.. if you happen to be one of my parents reading this.. pretend you didn’t read that sentence.

Read 100 Books

First of all – if you haven’t yet – make sure you check out my 2022 book round up. This year I am doing less books overall, probably. AND I think I’m going to aim for themed months. For January, I am doing the book recommendations y’all gave me on my socials. If you missed those posts, just comment on this one, and I’ll add it to the list. I am also going to start an Amazon book list where y’all can buy the books directly there and do monthly round ups. Hopefully these changes keeps everything a little more organized.

Learn to Crochet

This has been a goal for a couple years, but hasn’t happened yet. BUT mom got me crochet stuff for Christmas and I got yarn today so we are doing the thing. I’m thinking a IG highlight for following along on this one?

Make Some Gal Pals

Most of my closest gal pals I know from the internet (and I love them dearly). However. I kind of miss seeing people in person sometimes. SO I’m gonna make some in person gal pals.. somehow. I’m on Bumble BFF and we’re at least gonna make an attempt. If you happen to be local and like cats, books, and Taylor and want some gal pals.. please slide into my DMs.. I am available.

Move my Body, Consistently

THIS IS NOT A DIET!! No desire for any of those. No idea if my body will change or what. I guess we’ll see. But movement is important for health and me managing my pain. So I’m gonna find something I like and do the thing. I have picked out my first program for the year & we’ll see how it goes from here.

Keep up with Blog & Business

The last year or so was so chaotic that something had to give & it was absolutely this. But wow did I miss it. So here we are back and doing the thing. But I’m going to need your help.. besides books, what nutrition and lifestyle topics do y’all want to learn about?? & recipes will come back once I am in my own place and unpacked and all that.

Take Local Classes

In one of the books I read last year, the MC was always taking classes from exercise to cooking. & it seemed so fun. I wanna do more fun things, so why not give it a try??

Start Journaling Again

When I was a kid, I keep a pretty consistent journal/diary.. until I didn’t. Yeah, of course there is a story there, but now is not the time. This post is already long enough. Anywhoosie, I started journaling again in college and then stopped when I moved back to VA. I want to get back to it. I JUST ordered three of the Zen as F*ck Journals on Amazon sooo that’ll get here soon to make progress on this goal.

All of these are subject to change because, unfortunately, I can’t predict the future and I’m also a HUGE proponent of reevaluating your goals, progress, wants, and abilities and adjusting as needed. If everything goes well, I look forward to telling you all the ways I got to do these things BUT if they don’t – look forward to some update posts. Either way.. Here. We. GO!! 💕EC