Mini 1:1 Behavioral Nutrition Coaching

Have you ever:

  • Googled how to lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks
  • Bought a dress for an event, tried it on, and hated your body in it
  • Cried in your bedroom or a fitting room because nothing fits right

In a world of quick fixes and band-aid solutions, these aren’t unique experiences. But goodness they suck, they hurt, and they’re really not fair when you take the time to consider that society has set you up to feel this way.

We have such unrealistic expectations of beauty in our society – not everyone was made to be a tall, thin, tan, woman with a perfectly symmetrical face. But that’s the standard we are all held to.

Also, we’ve been pushed diet after diet that might get you short-term solutions, but leave you feeling like shit both physically and mentally. This hating and starving yourself for an event just to repeat the same process for the next event can’t be the way women are supposed to live their lives, even though it definitely seems like what we’re all doing.

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel comfortable and confident in your body and your clothing, especially for a special event. College is filled with so many fun things from formals to parties to football games to your first (legal) night at the bars to spring break to girls’ nights.

And when you enter post-grad, the events don’t stop. You’ll still have girls’ nights, but now you’re also attending bachelorette parties, weddings, baby showers, and work events. And who can forget the ever-looming swimsuit season – that one never really goes away. Why should you have to spend your life punishing yourself so you can enjoy the fun things life has to offer?

You do not exist to hate and punish and shrink yourself.

But what on earth are you supposed to do when you’ve just been thrown into this same process your whole life and it’s what everyone else seems to be doing?

It’s time to break this awful cycle. I was once asked a question that radically changed my outlook – would I rather keep doing what I’ve always done and maybe like the number on the scale but constantly feel like shit OR would I rather maybe see a slightly higher scale number but feel healthy and confident and actually feel good.

Break the cycle and instead of doing the same “new but only slightly different” restrictive diets over and over, modify your behaviors around diet and exercise. These behaviors are specific to you and your lifestyle and goals and can be ramped up for an event before you settle into what will become your new normal so you never have to go back to this diet cycle. This program is specifically designed to do just that.

This program is for you if:


  • You have a big event coming up that is at least 3 months away.
  • You are dedicated and committed to reaching your goals.
  • You are ready to make actionable changes at a quick pace
  • You are looking to feel happy, healthy, and confident in photos when you go to the event
  • You are committed to working with your body rather than fighting against it
  • You are willing at accept that scale might not be exactly at the number in your head, but you will feel great in your skin and outfit

If you can commit to yourself and making consistent behavior changes for at least the next three months before your big event AND everything above sounds like what you’re looking for, book your *free* discovery call to find out about next steps to work together.