Hi, I'm Emma-Claire!

When you pictured your college experience, I bet you never imagined dieting, constant calorie counting, and endless hours on the elliptical.

Instead, you were excited for tailgating, parties, making new friends, and, in short, discovering yourself and having the time of your life while doing so. But somehow almost the entire time I was in college, my friends and I were almost constantly on some diet or another.

How did diet culture get so intertwined with the college experience? For many college is the first time you’re really in control of your choices about everything, including food and exercise. Plus, diet culture has its own term just for body changes when starting college – the Freshmen 15. Combine these and you’re set to struggle before you’ve even really started because your environment is nearly impossible to build long-term, healthy habits in.

Every restrictive diet you have ever tried has purposefully set you up to struggle and fail. The diet industry needs you to fail so you keep coming back for more. Ever notice how every few months there’s a new miracle diet to solve all your nutrition and body problems? Of course you have! And you’ve probably tried them all too.

Rather than restricting and hopping from one diet to the next for the rest of your life, building sustainable nutrition and movement behaviors around your ideal lifestyle is the long-term solution you’re looking for. This is exactly what I do with my clients.

About me

I’m Emma-Claire or Emma or EC.  I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2017 with my BS in Dietetics & then completed my dietetic internship in Dallas in 2018. After passing my RD exam, I opened EC Nutrition in September 2018 and have been coaching ever since.

My struggle with disordered eating started when I was six years old and by seven I was staying up late to exercise. When I started high school, I also started binging to handle stress and my emotions. By the time I actually reached college, I had probably gained and lost the same 15-20 pounds more times than I could count.

You’d think things would have gotten better studying dietetics; but instead, it just made me really good at knowing exactly how far I could push things. At one point in my internship, I was only eating 900 calories a day. I was well on my way to being too sick to function, but when my hair started falling out in clumps, I knew I needed help.

After I admitted I had a problem, I hired my own coach, did a lot of internal work, and finally started eating a healthy amount.  And while I was on this journey, I started talking to the other recent grads realized how toxic diet culture in college is.

There’s so much pressure to look the part, have the best photos, and all the other things. It’s now my life mission to combat diet culture during these early years of adulthood from college to oost-grad so you’re set up for success for the rest of your life!

Five fun facts
about me

  • Every day is national cat day in my home. I have three cats and I love them to pieces. Zen (15), Gizmo (13), Monster (2). 
  • I LOVE University of Texas football and try to go to at least one game every year.
  • I know every word to every Taylor Swift song and can identify it within a couple seconds of it starting.
  • I have a deep love of Gordon Ramsay. In fact, Hell’s Kitchen is playing while I work on this & Master Chef Junior always makes me cry.
  • I love reading – especially psychological thrillers. Give me a twisty book with an unreliable narrator & I’m in heaven. Also, I’m always taking book recommendations.