Hi hi!! I know we are all here and ready to kick this year’s ass.. probably. I’m definitely hoping this one is different from the last several. BUT please no one say it’s going to be your year and jinx us all. I am begging you. I could start y’all off with diet tips or exercise tips or whatever else diet culture expects from me, but no thanks. 💕 Instead, I’d rather talk about self care and no, not bubble baths, spa days, and kitten cuddles (but 10/10 on those too). So here we go – my 3 self care tips for 2023.

  1. Unfollow all of the accounts that are taking away from your life
  2. Stop trying to do everything all at once
  3. Be honest with yourself and what you really want

While they’re pretty straight forward, let’s break them down a little.

  1. Unfollow all of the accounts that are taking away from your life

I don’t know if y’all know this about me but I love reality TV and watching dramatic nonsense unfold and that extends to social media. Do you ever see someone post something and think “wow, not even torture could get that information out of me.” But then it goes viral and everyone has has an opinion on it and everyone is screaming and suddenly it’s not as fun and just a little sad. Or do you have any accounts you hate follow? Yeah, me too. Or maybe those accounts that you call aspirational, but really just make you feel like shit about yourself and your life? We all have them. But what are these accounts really adding to your life? Not much positive. You get to curate your own online experience. So instead of adding more chaos, nonsense, anger, and shitty feelings to your life. So let’s unfollow them. Yes, me too. Sure, I might sometimes be a little behind on what everyone is screaming about in the nutrition world, but I’m okay with that cause my mental health is more important that.

  1. Stop trying to do everything all at once

I don’t care how many big goals you have for yourself this year. Okay, actually I do, and I both really want to hear all about them and am cheering for you to accomplish every single one of them. BUT you can’t do everything all at the same time without dropping the ball somewhere. So instead of setting yourself up for failure by trying to radically change everything all at once, make a couple small changes that get you a step or two closer to your big goal. Once you’re comfortable with that step, you’re ready to make another small change and and take the next one. You’re not going to go from not touching a book since high school to suddenly reading 150 books a year, but maybe you can read 10 pages a day or listen to 10 mins of an audiobook. OR if you’re currently not drinking any water, you probably won’t be able to drink half your body weight every day. Instead, replace one of whatever your current drink of choice is with 1-2 cups of water. It doesn’t even have to be plain water. Add some fruit or cucumber or mint – whatever it takes to actually get you start drinking the water. If you need help with figuring this out, please don’t hesitate to reach out. This is exactly what I am here for.

  1. Be honest with yourself and what you really want

Okay – I am going to be 100% honest with you, I just read a book where the MC couldn’t tell any lies for 24 hours and it was wonderful and magical and kinda the inspo for this entire post. (For my readers – Nothing but the Truth – Holly James). And I think maybe we all need to take a page or two from that book. How often are we settling in life and lying about what we want and what would really make us happy. Just going with the flow and thinking “ehh maybe one day I’ll get *there* & be happy.” But then nothing changes and you’re still going with the flow and another year passes and you set the same goals all over again? So I want you to look at whatever goals you set for this year and ask yourself is this what I really want? Does this spark a fire in me? Am I excited about this? Does this make me happy? If not, it’s okay! You still have plenty of time to redraft them.

While I was brain dumping the idea for this into my phone, autocorrect kept changing care to dare and I think maybe that was the universe telling us to be bold. So my friends, be bold – look at those goals you set, maybe rewrite them & tell us in the comments share how you can implement these in your life. I dare you. 💕