I help women redefine healthy living and release their inner bad bitch with simple habit changes

When you hear the words “Healthy Bad Bitch” do you think of yourself?


Or do you think of those women who seem to have it all together? For the longest time I also thought that a Healthy Bad Bitch was just this one specific type of woman.. think The Devil Wears Prada. And WOW is that a hard ideal to live up to.

  • Looks perfect all the time
  • Eats perfectly
  • Perfect gym routine
  • The BEST friends
  • Perfect relationship
  • Killing it at work

If you’ve watched that movie anytime recently you’ll know that not even the women in this semi-fictional world were able to live up to this ideal, but for some reason we are still holding ourselves to these and sometimes even higher standards.

    No wonder we feel like failures driving the hot mess express all the time.

    What if instead of this impossible standard, we modified our definition of Healthy Bad Bitch in a way that actually makes sense and is practical? What if we thought of a Healthy Bad Bitch as a woman who:

    Works on her mindset and outlook

    Nourishes her body

    Honors her body with movement

    Maintains positive and healthy relationships

    Prioritizes sleep, rest, and self-care

    Aims for a work-life balance

    These are the things that make up your life style and you get to define what the ideal version of each of these things are for yourself. No two women are the same so no two healthy bad bitches will be either, which is what makes this a little hard. With so much information out there how do you know what is ideal for you without wasting time you don’t have?

    That’s where I come in! Anyone can be a Healthy Bad Bitch, and I’m here to save you some time by helping you build your ideal lifestyle and release the Healthy Bad Bitch you already are.

    Food Confidence + Body Confidence + Self Confidence = Happy and Fulfilled Lifestyle

    This is for you if you want to find harmony between aesthetic goals and enjoying your favorite foods.

    1:1 Behavioral
    Nutrition Coaching

    It’s time to break this awful cycle of hating and punishing yourself.

    This program is for you if you have a specific, big event coming up that is at least 3 months away.


    Mini 1:1 Behavioral Nutrition Coaching

    Continuing to keep going at it alone while still having questions doesn’t seem like a great option.

    This is for you if you’re independent and not looking for long-term accountability, support, and guidance.

    Nutrition Intensives